Timi, Store Founder

Timi Mouftoglou: “True elegance for her is the manifestation of an independent mind”.

Timi, is having a “precious” name, a great ambition for the future, and a particular love for Paris, couldn’t be but the most elegant girl in the city.

Elegance-X is a family business store chain, which have been distinguished for luxury clothing since 1977. Timi has started working at her new clothe store Elegance + since 2008.

Although her primary role is on retail sales, she is also systematically involved in promoting products through digital media.

“The secret of success is between hard work and optimism” she says. Her aim is to expand her brand to the international market with pop art stores.

I asked her what elegance meant to her and she answered by giving me her personal card. On the front side is the sentence: “True elegance for me is the manifestation of the independent mind”, Isabella Rosselini.

She loves to travel, Fashion and Paris, the place where she loved everything that has to do with fashion.

In addition to original clothes and access ores, in Elegance + you will also find the fragrances Bon Parfumeur, a new partnership with the French company.

In her spare time, she is hiding in her wardrobe. She likes to reorganize it according to her mood. She declares lonely and enjoys music and scrolling at Instagram.

Timi gave us the honor by hosting us at her home, in her beloved corners, revealing her beloved objects and her glasses collection. She posed for Dimitris Andritsos’s lens, enjoying a warm cup of coffee.



by Dimitra Dimitriou