Valina-Agis “The most important and precious moments of our life captured with elegance and unique aesthetic through Dimitris’ lens. Exceptional work from a committed team who achieves successfully to capture the feelings of joy and happiness forever…”
Valina Kolovetsiou & Agis Espiefs
dimitra-dimitris The concept of “life” is nothing more than a puzzle of moments which contain memories and some of those moments, days or seconds are probably the ones that make the difference so they might as well be the ones to remember. The ones that are nominated the privilege of the “eternity”. For those special moments of our life we need someone to capture them the best way possible so they can be preserved in time. We would never trust those moments to just anyone, so we trusted them to Dimitris Andritsos and his team…one of the most important choices we have ever made.
Dimitra Kalogiannopoulou & Dimitrios Spyropoulos
petioula-tassos 2 “For the most important day of our lives, our wedding, we chose Dimitris Andritsos and his crew. Special people all of them, inspired, talented, efficient and enjoying what they do. The results exceeded our expectations by far. Their work was perfect, both technically and artistically.”
Petioula & Tassos Katsarkas

Xanthippi-Nicholas “I would like to say a great THANKS to Dimitris Andritsos. It was pleasure to have a photo shooting with such a talented photographer! The atmosphere was so easy, friendly and nice. All the team was great and professionals. Dimitris has fresh ideas that lead to enchanting pictures. The way he “plays“ with the sun is unique. Thank you for capturing so perfectly our happy moments!“
Xanthippi Papadopoulou Tripani & Nicholas Tripanis
Maria-Alexandros “Thank you for being part of the best and most precious days of our lives! And for capturing every single year of our daughter’s birthdays, ‘because this will be a serious inherit to her. I’m aware that you enjoy every shooting of your life and I hope the memories you create we’ll share for years to come! Lots of love my dearest friend and partner!”
Maria Pagonaki & Alexandros Pousaios