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Tolis, Contemporist


“There’s no secret to success, only the right moment”

A permanent figure in the center of Thessaloniki, eccentric style, real character. Your gaze will surely stand on him if you see him walking through the street. His face will delude you, as he be closer to 40! He has a 10 years old daughter, Elisa. He archieve to do what he likes in his life. He created his own showroom, with a distinctive aesthetics in design.

The story of 2nd FLooR showroom starts in 2006, when Tolis decided to give up his work as an electrical engineer and create something of his own, something that could expresses him, like industrial design.

In 2011 he created the 2nd FLooR retail store. In 2016, a new project has been linked to the experiential stay in Thessaloniki called The Trilogy House. Together with his team, he created rooms of special design, suitable to accommodate travelers, design lovers.

He was photographed by Dimitris Andritsos to reveal his own “hiding place”. He was wearing his black ones, those that give him style and make him feel safe. He said that he doesn’t feel like he’s wearing black inside him.

Insomnia is the secret of his inspiration. There are many plans in his mind which, in order to succeed, need the right time.

Among his objects I have distinguished the image of the Virgin Mary, an amulet that protects him. Also, outline of the headrest of his bed, the Dutch Droog’s work of art, which creates the illusion of a mirror.

He advises young people to “Do what they like… as long as they like it!”, as he does himself.

by Dimitra Dimitriou