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The Crown, Vassilis Zoulias

JULY, 2018

A jewel made usually from gold and precious gem stones. The word originates from the greek word “κορώνη”. One wears it on the head, and turns into a symbol of power.

Inspired by the homonymous British TV series, the new collection of the established designer Vassilis Zoulias, charmed us, as it highlighted the dynamism of the female.

A clear night at the impressive building of the Administration of Thessaloniki, where the designer along with the social grocery project M.A.Z.I channelled the message of philanthropy, offering the profits to the Pediatric Section of the “Gennimatas Hospital”.

The models’ looks were completed with the creations of Periklis Kondilatos, who designed the crowns.

For those of you who didn’t have the chance to attend and enjoy this fashion show, here’s a small taste.