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Kedes’ Family

MARCH, 2018

Some words may not be enough to describe Kede – Perganti’s family. Nevertheless, the following frames by Dimitris Andritsos will help you take a taste of their family moments in an extra-ordinary Sunday, full of caress, playing and of course brunch!

The time is about 11 a.m., and Yannis Kedes’ family welcomes us with the smiles of Koralia and Dimitris in front of the door. Yannis immediately turns the music louder, saying “Gregory Porter, the new Barry White!” He shows ready to reveal his hideout.

Suddenly, as Dimitris Andritsos takes pictures of the kids in their rooms, Anna tells me about her acquaintance with Yannis. “Yannis was working in Halkidiki. I knew him from the past, just happened to meet after years that summer. “

Their relationship is full of contradictions but in a common path. White John, black Anna, and Koralia to interrupt, “No mom isn’t like that.” She knows something!

One of the common denominators is to travel, recently they went to Chania. Yannis travels more often professionally. Soon he will travel to New Orleans. Anna loves to read literature since she was a little girl. Koralia wants to become an actor and Dimitris feels better to pose in a batman’s t-shirt!

Yannis has distinguished himself in the dining area in recent years, he is a really good bartender and businessman of the city. What you probably do not know and it is interesting to reveal to you is that his dream was to become a military musician.

He plays a trumpet since he was a child, but his examination’s failure led him to discover his new love for architecture. His favorite habits are interior decoration and constructions. One of them, the couple’s bedroom. He became gas technician and worked in a construction company alongside his catering business. The communication offered by his current work enchated him! Anna even though studied French literature with a specialty in subtitling, she works as a secretary in a Legal Company the last year.

Yannis and Anna choose the bedroom for their hiding place, where they were photographed by Dimitris Andritsos. Their time may be limited and their timetables different, but in their free time they prefer to stay at home.

Time’s up! But, firstly, I should explain to you what means an extra-ordinary Sunday! Yannis’ family loves the house but unfortunately the time of the week isn’t enough. Sunday is sacred, having the need to fill the void of previous days with kisses, hugs and the traditional family meal at Vogatsikou 3. It’s funny to hear five-year old Dimitris saying, “Daddy, when will have brunch?”

by Dimitra Dimitriou