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Athina Pappa, Artist


Also known as Felix Felis (lucky cat), Athina Pappa is a lady of unique looks, intense personality and gentle voice. I don’t know if she is lucky as a cat, but her nickname definitely shows a witty artistic identity. Athina may not be my friend yet, but I would love her to! Good friends are also good listeners, and this is one of her most captivating traits.

Athina studied architecture and developed her creative skills as an illustrator. In her work, she combines traditional and contemporary digital techniques in order to keep up with the market. Things are actually easier like that, she says, since the demand is wider and it gives her the chance to create anything, from paintings to music album covers or even silk scarfs!

“There are stages of development in drawing, and people can learn how to draw! Don’t freak out over technique!” is Felix Felis’s advice to young artists. “I don’t like it when everything is perfect!”, and she walks down the hall with a glass in her hands just to align a few items on her vanity desk! What if it’s not only talent? What makes an artist stand out? For Athina, it’s all about emotion, and you will see that in her bookcase.

Her treasure is an array of journals that reminds me of the encyclopedias we used to have before Wikipedia. The “Unfiltered stuff”. In fact, it’s a collection of first drawings, the pillars of her creations, a chest of ideas and content, a hideout for the secret recipe of her artwork.

Accompanied by her furry and rebellious cat Kiana, Athina posed at her favorite part of the house, the room where she spends most of her creative time. Right on this couch, she picks up her pencil and starts describing her feelings, never failing to impress us.

Her artistry revolves around female identity and nature, lightened up with vibrant, bold colors. She experiments through whimsical pictures and draws her inspiration from movies about magic, such as The Lord of the Rings. Her other passion is music and her constant humming often annoys her friends. She loves Lana Del Ray and the lyrics of her songs.

Soon, she will be presenting the next part of her personal collection in a new exhibition.

We wish you all a Felix New Year!

by Dimitra Dimitriou