Nikos, Visual artist

Nikos Tsiaparas: “My advice to young artists, if I am able to give, is enclosed in one word: persistence.”

Nikos was involved with painting professionally from 1995. He studied at the Aristotle University of Fine Arts, later acquired two postgraduate degrees and a doctoral thesis from Goldsmiths College and Middlesex University in London.

His first presence in a gallery was a participation in a group exhibition at the Eirmos Gallery in 1992 as a student. Then, his

first solo exhibition titled “My name is … Lolita” took place at the a.antonopoulou art gallery curated by Marina Fokidis in Athens in 2002.

The subject of his paintings is mainly based on ephemeral pictures, prints and the internet, on reports from personal and family photographic archives, on pop and post-pop culture and aesthetics. “Having these, and not only, as a piece of equipment, I portray the world of childhood through my own perspective,” he describes.

Almost across the White Tower, at city’s heart, the artist was photographed by Dimitris Andritsos and revealed to us his own hideout. He said that this part is the ideal combination of privacy and not, at the same time.

His most favorite object in house is his portrait, of small dimensions, crafted few years ago by an important person in his life. Also, all plants, especially cacti.

A portrait of designer Lakis Gavalas is his latest work, which is in progress.

His next project is an exhibition of drawings and paintings based on historical figures of Hellenistic times, “faces” that are presented on coins of the season. A contemporary art dialogue with history, whose painting results will be presented to the Numismatic Museum in Athens in 2018.

His free time also includes a great deal of art, visits to art exhibitions, but also walks with friends.

His advice to young artists who start their studies or career is enclosed in one word: persistence.

“I think that success’ secret is primarily the persistence of the goal that everyone has, without however having success as an end in itself. This is always in line with patience and hard work.” as Nikos Tsiaparas said.

by Dimitra Dimitriou